Meals right off your pantry shelf
Imagine having some delicious recipes that you could make entirely from cans (along with some noodles or rice and a few seasonings). You could always have the makings on hand. That's what this book is all about. These are true pantry meals, from non-perishable ingredients.


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Preparedness Tips
As you contemplate preparing your family to be self sufficient for a few weeks, you will want to make plans for more than just food. I'll offer ideas and list sources where you can find other pieces of the preparedness puzzle, like heat, water, sanitation, first aid, and so on.

Build up your storage -- to feed you for three days or 100 days
Soups, stews, casseroles -- one satisfying meal every day
Modern life has given us many conveniences, but it has also made us very dependent on a system that is vulnerable to disruption. The problem might be a storm, a labor strike, a job loss, an earthquake, or even a volcano!

The Department of Homeland Security has asked that each family be ready to meet their own needs for at least three days--until help arrives.

You might want to keep the ingredients for a few meals on hand
just to be able to get a meal on the table without any fuss. But
the real power of this idea is to keep enough on hand to
take care of your family in a time of distress. You can
build a stockpile of canned goods that will provide your
family with a solid meal every day, even if it has to last
through three months of trouble.