PLAN    BUY    USE         REPLACE    ROTATE
The purpose of this book is to help you stock your pantry with delicious meals. A lot of us store extra food. We go to case lot sales and stock up on corn and pineapple and spaghetti sauce and soup. But do we have a plan of how to use those cans? It makes a lot of sense to develop some recipes that use non-perishable goods and store them in an organized way.

As I designed these recipes, I developed these "rules":

--Ingredients that store two years

--Ordinary items from the grocery store

--Enough broth to cook any grain or pasta

--Minimum of special ingredients (dried stuff)

--Lots of variety

--Easy, just open cans and dump

--Tastes great

Once you build up provisions for 100 meals, you use one each week, and they all get used over a 2-year period--before they expire. There is no waste. You just replace what you use, and you always have 100 meals on hand.