Jan was on Carolyn Nicolaysen's radio program, READY OR NOT on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011. To listen, go to
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Jan was the guest on the Doctor Prepper radio show on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010.
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Relief Society and other groups
I am available to do presentations about preparedness and the ideas in the book. I can do an hour (or 45 min.), a 15-minute mini-class, or set up at a Preparedness Fair.

In a setting where it would not be appropriate to sell the book, I talk about the importance of having a 90-day supply and let them know how to get the book. My mission is to motivate.
If you would like me to come talk to
your group, contact me at
Personal Appearances
Researchers have learned that those who are able to maintain a relatively "normal" lifestyle make better decisions and not only survive, but thrive, during a crisis. For this reason it is important to consider comfort foods for your family. For me, it is chocolate, so there wil always be brownie mix and M&Ms in my food storage. 
                 --Carolyn Nicolaysen (in Meridian Magazine)