Chicken Artichoke Curry
Mulligan Stew
Four Bean Chicken Chili
Pumpkin Soup
Creamy Salmon Chowder

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By Midwest Book Review Oregon,WI
In preparation for times of economic uncerainty, one of the best things a family can do to position itself to endure is to create a two-year supply of basic ingredients to keep themselves well fed. That's why Jan Jackson's "100-Day Pantry: 100 Quick and Easy Gourmet Meals" fills a unique niche in family cookbook collections. Included are more than 125 thoroughly 'kitchen cook' friendly recipes based on ingredients that can be stored in the pantry for up to two years. Of special note is the wealth of practical advice on rotating pantry supplies for maximum efficiency with respect to preventing wasted food. The 'family sized' recipes range from Chicken Tetrazinni; Italian Bean Soup; and Creamy Beefy Casserole; to Tomato Chili Stew; Creamed Carrots with Bacon; and Hammy Mac & Cheese. Of special note in the final section of this 192-page compendium of solid advice and good eats are the 'Tips & Tricks' on a variety of sublects such as vacation-ready recipes, optimal pantry organization, and dehydrated food sources, making "100-Day Pantry: 100 Quick & Easy Gourmet Recipes" an invaluable and enthusiastically recommended addition to all cookbook and emergency preparedness reference collections.
Turkey & Wild Rice
Serves 4

1 12-oz. can turkey (or 2 5-oz. cans)
1 5-oz.can water chestnuts
1 14-oz.can chicken broth
1 10-oz. can cream of chicken soup
1 6-oz.can mushrooms

1 4- to 6-oz. box white and wild rice mix

1 Tbsp. onions
2 Tbsp. celery, optional

2-3 Tbsp. soy sauce

Combine all in pot, including the
sasonings in the rice mix. Simmer
until rice is tender (about 25 min.
on stove top or two hours in
crock pot).